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15 Fun and Productive Indoor Activities

Cozy socks by the fire

The icy weather and school closings have kept most of us inside today.   Whether you are working from home today or enjoying the break, chances are you will have a little extra time in your day.   This unexpected extension of our weekend is a great opportunity to relax, catch up on chores, and spend time with the kids.   The following 15 activities are ways you can enjoy your snow day and be productive!

1.  Plan your summer vacation.

2.  Clean out your refrigerator and pantry by discarding all the expired items and wiping down all the surfaces.

3.  Work with your kids on clearing out old clothes, toys and games.  You can make this more fun by using a timer, turning on music, or creating a competition with siblings.

4.  Clean up your computer or laptop by backing it up, deleting old files and purging emails.

5.  Do a puzzle or play a game with the family.

6.  Reach out and touch someone.  Like J.K. Simmons said on the Oscars last night, “Don’t Text, Don’t Email.  Call them on the phone.”

7.  Read a book.

8. Get your papers and information organized for filing your taxes.  (See our article on Getting Organized for Tax Season).

9.  Organize the cabinet, drawer or closet that frustrates you the most.

10.  Update your LinkedIn and social media profiles and pages.

11.  Make some popcorn and hot cocoa, and watch a movie with the family.

12.  Organize your desk, homework areas and craft supplies.

13.  Exercise.  There are a ton of channels and videos with exercise routines for the whole family.

14.  Organize pictures and memories.  Kids love looking through old pictures.  Get them to help you sort and label groups of photos.

15.  Remember, spending time doing what you love is not a waste a time.  Take a few minutes to enjoy the day by doing something enjoy.

I hope all of you enjoy your day and stay warm.

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