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7 Ways to Work Smarter with Evernote

Work Smarter

Evernote is a blank workspace you can use to write, collect, find and present information.  Family, friends and clients have all asked me how I use this dynamic app.  One of the things I love about Evernote is how  everyone uses it differently.  Almost every time it is mentioned in a conversation, another user will tell me how they use Evernote to make their life or work easier.   If you do an internet search on the app, you will find a huge amount of articles and blog posts on how to use Evernote, products for Evernote, and apps that work with Evernote. I use Evernote in a number of different ways to make accessing my information easier, and to help me live with less paper.  Here are 7 ways I use Evernote personally and professionally:

1.  I have a notebook setup to hold article and blog post ideas.  I find information all the time on the internet, in books and magazines for future article topics.  I simply clip the article using my Evernote Web Clipper or I take a photo and create a note.  I will jot down the inspiration, thoughts and comments add some tags regarding the subject and place it in my note and place it in my Article & Ideas Notebook.  When I need a new blog post topic, I refer to this notebook and have instant inspiration.

2.  I hold all my client data in Evernote.  I have an assessment form I use on a regular basis to collect general information from my client during our first meeting.   I do not like to type in front of my client, so I handwrite my assessment notes using iAnnotate.  I use this app, because it allows me the ability to use a preset form.  I simply pull up the form and start taking the notes right on my iPad.  Evernote makes my handwritten text searchable.  I also store other client data in Evernote like session notes, emails, meeting agendas, products, and transformation pictures.

3.  I log information I need to track in Evernote.  For example, when my mom was sick, I kept a log of her hospital visits, doctor’s names, medications, diagnosis and conditions.  This was really an asset for me to have when she went to the emergency room.   I also use running logs in Evernote for tracking my daughter’s service hours, college expenses and school activities.  The logs for the kids really help when they are seniors and you need to produce information for college applications and award ceremonies.

4. My notebook called “Gift Ideas” holds pictures, links, ideas, and notes on gift ideas for family members.  I also hold cute stuff I see for wedding and baby showers.  I can access my information wherever I am on my phone.

5.  Reading Material is my notebook that holds all the articles, ebooks and clippings I save to read later.  For example, when I am on the internet, I often find things I would like to read but do not have the time at that moment.  I save it to Evernote to read when I am traveling or when I have a few minutes to spare.

6.  I have a two notebooks setup for each tax year: one for business, and one for personal tax information.  When I receive electronic receipts for purchases or donations, I collect them in these notebooks and tag them as needed.  At the end of the year, my tax information is all together.

7.  Organizations I volunteer for have their own notebooks.  I keep notes, meeting agendas, important emails and documents in each organization’s notebook.  This eliminates the need for a paper file, and I always have the information I need at meetings.

Evernote is one of the most helpful tools I have used to organize my work and personal information.  It helps me be more efficient and productive.  I hope I have inspired you to explore the many ways you can use this app to make your life and your work easier.   I would love to hear from you on the ways you use Evernote.  If you do not have an Evernote Personal or Professional account, you can sign up for one via this link.

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