Be Productive, Efficient, Organized.

Configuration Connection is a professional organization company. We offer customized services for our clients to help them manage their clutter, paper flow and processes so they can have more time, more energy and less stress. Our services are designed with you to provide you with solutions that will work for your home or business. What you gain in efficiency will also save you time and money. According to a recent survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal, “The average U.S. executive wastes six weeks per year searching for missing information in messy desks and files.”

Call us today to setup a free 30 minute evaluation to discover how we can save you time and money!

  • Do you often apologize to colleagues, customers, friends and family for forgetting events or misplacing papers?
  • When you need an important document, do you spend more than 5  minutes looking for it?
  • Do you often pay late fees on your bills, because you misplaced  your statement?
  • Is there a large stack of paper that you would like to organize,  but do not know where to start?
  • Would you like to setup a budget or accounting system to help you  get your finances in order?
  • Do you feel like your current processes or desk organization is causing you to be inefficient?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, click on Services and Pricing to learn how Configuration Connection can help you.

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