Ferris Digital Organizing & Productivity Consulting

Configuration Connection offers real life solutions for digital overwhelm. Ferris digital organizing & productivity consulting is for anyone who wants to get organized, stress less, and use time more efficiently.

What is Digital Organizing?

Digital organizing is all about taking control of the information and “stuff” you have on your computer, phone, and other devices. Imagine it like cleaning up your physical space, but for your digital world. Receipts, images, correspondence, files, contracts – all the things that used to be paper, are now electronic. That’s great, but how to do make sure you can find everything when you need it? How long do you keep things? Is technology working FOR you or against you?

Here are some things digital organization can help with:

  • Finding things faster: Ever spend ages hunting for a document or photo? Digital organizing will help you create a system so you can easily find what you need.
  • Saving time: By keeping your digital space organized, you won’t waste time searching for things or wading through clutter.
  • Reducing stress: A cluttered digital space can be mentally overwhelming. Digital organizing can help you feel more in control.

Every person and situation is unique, but there are some common ways to approach digital organizing:

  • Decluttering: Getting rid of unused files, downloads, and old emails.
  • Creating a filing system: Using folders and labels to categorize your information.
  • Automating tasks: Setting up your devices to automatically download files, back up your data, or send reminders.

What is Productivity Consulting?

Think of a productivity consultant as your personal digital organizer for not just your stuff, but your time and energy too. Configuration Connection can help you streamline how you work, both with your physical and digital tools, to get more done in a way that feels less stressful.

Here’s why you might consider a productivity consultant:

  • Feeling overwhelmed: If you constantly feel behind or have too much on your plate, we can help you identify time-wasters and prioritize tasks.
  • Tech troubles: Maybe you’re not sure which apps or tools can help you be more efficient. Configuration Connection can recommend options and show you how to use them effectively.
  • Work-life balance issues: Do you struggle to switch off after work? We can help create systems that keep your work organized and under control, freeing up time for personal life.

Just like with digital organizing, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll talk to you about your goals and challenges, then suggest strategies and tools to improve your workflow. We can help with things like:

  • Setting realistic goals and deadlines.
  • Developing time management techniques.
  • Learning to say no to unimportant tasks.
  • Creating healthy habits to avoid burnout.

Who Can Benefit From Ferris Digital Organizing & Productivity Consulting?

Basically, if you deal with any kind of digital information overload, or feel like you could be working more strategically with your time, then digital organizing and productivity consulting can be a game-changer. It’s all about working smarter, not harder, regardless of your role or organization size. Digital organizing and productivity consulting can benefit a wide range of people, from individuals to large corporations.


Anyone feeling overwhelmed by digital clutter, from students managing schoolwork to busy parents or caregivers juggling finances and family life.

Business Owners & Managers

Improve team collaboration with better document sharing and communication, and delegate tasks more effectively.

Small Businesses & Home Businesses

Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs can streamline workflows, find files faster, and free up time to focus on growth.

Corporations & Teams

Large organizations can benefit from standardized digital filing systems and productivity tools that boost efficiency across departments.

Ferris Digital Organizing & Productivity consulting

Invest in Your Future With Configuration Connection

Temporary fixes can be frustrating. Our focus is on helping you build long-term systems that fit your workflow. We’ll create habits and strategies that keep you organized and productive, not just for today, but well into the future. Think of hiring a digital organizer and productivity consultant as an investment in your time and sanity. By setting up systems that work for you now, you’ll save yourself countless hours and frustration down the road.

System Building

We don’t just “clean up” your digital space once. We help you create systems for filing, prioritizing, and automating tasks that will keep them organized and productive in the long run.

Habits over Hacks

We’re not just about giving you quick tricks. We’ll help you develop sustainable habits and workflows that fit your specific needs and work style.

Future Proofing

Our approach considers your future goals. We’ll set you up for long-term success by building systems that can adapt and grow as your needs evolve.

Investment Over Expense

Our services are an investment in yourself and your business, not just an expense. The time and stress reduction you’ll gain now will pay off in increased productivity and a smoother workflow for years to come.

Configuration Connection | Ferris Digital Organizing & Productivity Consultant
Sara took me step by step through the process of getting organized… and helped me understand the importance of having efficient and consistent organizational systems in place to keep my business running smoothly. The services she provides are worth every penny and so much more just for peace of mind knowing I set my business up right from the beginning.
Corporate Client

Organizing & Consulting Services to Fit Every Need

In-Person Services

digital organizational services

Whether you need help wading through physical papers, receipts and files or you’re drowning in a digital ocean, Configuration Connection is here to throw you a lifeline. We’ll help you build processes and habits that will help you get organized and stay that way.

Maybe you’ve got the organization part down, but you’d like to find ways to shave time off of frequently performed tasks, automate simple tasks, or just generally find ways to be more productive. We’d love to help you streamline your workflows to unleash your productivity potential.

Presentation & Training Services

presentation & training services

Need hands-on training for your Ferris company or business? We can do that. We offer presentations tailored to your group’s specific needs, including:

  • Getting Organized
  • Time Management
  • Guide to Productivity Apps
  • Managing Email Correspondence
  • Utilizing Evernote

Want to learn more?

Virtual Services

virtual organizing & consulting services

Feeling overwhelmed by digital clutter or like you’re constantly spinning on a productivity hamster wheel? Virtual organizing and consulting services can help! We provide remote support to conquer your digital chaos, no matter your location. From decluttering your computer files to streamlining your workflow, our experts will guide you in creating long-term systems for a calmer, more efficient you. So ditch the geographical limitations and take control of your digital world – we’re here to help you work smarter, not harder, from Ferris and beyond.

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