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“11 Ways to Eliminate Office Clutter and Improve Organization”

In 2020, many of us all across the country, from Portland, OR to Miami, FL, transitioned to working from home because of the pandemic. We quickly adjusted, designating the bonus room as our office or creating a makeshift desk in the kitchen. Either way, you may have noticed the clutter that’s accumulated in your space, and it may be more of a distraction than you think. Your home office should be a neat and organized space where you can think clearly, not one that has a tendency to increase your stress levels.

Working from home can be convenient, comfortable, and productive – unless your office space at home is a disaster. To help you out, I, along with other experts across the country, shared our best piece of advice for eliminating clutter and improving organization in your home office. Check out what I had to say!

11 Ways to Eliminate Office Clutter and Improve Organization

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