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Got Junk Mail?

Since we are celebrating Earth Week this week, I thought I would share some great apps and sites that stop junk mail from coming to your house. I just eliminated some of the junk mail coming to my home by using the iPhone App Paper Karma (also available in a Droid App). This free app lets you take a picture of your junk mail, and then they will sent off the request to the company to have you removed from their mailing list. I also used www.optoutprescreen.com to end credit card and insurance offers from coming to my home. This same service is also available by calling 1-888-5OPTOUT. Yellow Pages and catalog delivery can be stopped by going to www.catalogchoice.org. This site lets you enter your information on the catalogs you receive, and they will send out a request to stop them from being delivered. Happy Earth Week!!

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