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How Evernote Can Refine Your Business and Improve Efficiency

Evernote Business

I have recently earned my certificate from Evernote to be an Evernote Certified Consultant.  I am excited to add Evernote consulting services to the Configuration Connection solutions. It is an excellent fit into Configuration Connection’s office and work organizing solutions.  Through the certification process, I have learned more about ways Evernote can streamline workflows, make information more accessible and help individuals and teams be more productive.  What can Evernote do for you and your business?
Evernote makes information accessible to everyone you give access to across the organization.  The information is in one workspace accessible from everywhere.  It does not matter if you are in the office, the local coffee shop or with a client, you can pull up the most current version of your information from any phone, tablet or computer.  If your colleagues are in another office or down the hall, you can collaborate effortlessly by sharing all project ideas, notes, web clippings, etc. in one notebook shared with all team members.  
One of the characteristics of Evernote I find the most appealing is the security, and Evernote’s philosophy regarding your data.  The Evernote platform was developed with the philosophy that your data belongs to you.  They do not mine your data for information, and they have made it easy for your to take your data out of Evernote if you decide it needs to be moved.  They have layers of security, routing and personnel to protect your data from hackers.  Click here to review their Security and Privacy Policies.
Several of my clients in the past have been concerned about having to type on their tablet while taking notes during a meeting.  Penultimate is an Evernote application you can use to handwrite your notes and save them to your Evernote notebook.  The handwritten text becomes searchable just like typed text!  This allows you to keep all your notes regarding a particular customer, product or event in one place.  
You can find what your are looking for quickly without digging through files, computers and tablets. Evernote has a powerful search tool which makes finding documents, text, and images super quick. The search will also look across team members’ shared information.  If the team member leaves the company, the information stays with the company.  Whether it’s your work or a team member’s, you can find it easily.

This Executive Summary from Evernote, is a great overview:  Evernote Business Executive Summary

As an Evernote Business Certified Consultant, I can help you decide if Evernote, Evernote Business or Evernote Premium is the right application for you.  I can also work with your team to create and design custom workflows for maximum efficiency.  Our solutions also include documentation, training and support.  You can get started today by opening an account with this link.

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