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Jot Script 2 Stylus Review

Jot Script Stylus 2 Review - Evernote Edition
Jot Script 2 Stylus and USB Charger

Jot Script 2 Stylus vs. Jot Script 1st Edition

I spent a week taking notes at the National Association of Professional Organizers conference with my Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus 2 by Adonit.   I like the Stylus 2 much better than the first edition, because it is thinner and it has a better feel and weight than it’s predecessor.  I gave up on the first edition, because I did not like the feel of actually writing with it for long periods of time.  The diameter of it was too thick for my hand and the way I write.  Others may disagree, but I think the diameter of the 2nd edition stylus is much more like a pen.  Like the first edition, the “2” has the power button in the middle, and I accidentally switched it off from time to time, but not nearly as often as I did with the first edition. The Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus 2 is keenly made to charge via the usb charger in 45 minutes.  You get 20 hours of writing time off of one full charge.   I found it easy the charge it at night and sometimes even between sessions.

Jot Script 2 Compatible Apps 

I used the Stylus 2 with Penultimate (an Evernote app) and Noteshelf.  The stylus does work better with Penultimate than it did with Noteshelf.  The palm recognition and Pixelpoint™ technology work better with Penultimate.  I had a few mishaps with my wrist creating lines and smudges when I used Noteshelf.  The Stylus 2 also felt more like actual pen on paper with Penultimate than it did when using Noteshelf. This “pen on paper” feel is what they refer to as their Pixelpoint™ technology.  It actually increased the onscreen control of the stylus.  I used Noteshelf when my presenters provided downloadable handouts or slides, because I like the ability to take notes directly on the handout, presentation or PDF.  Penultimate does not have the ability to download PDF’s or Powerpoint slides for taking notes on them.  So, when the handouts were provided, I used Noteshelf.

Overall, I like the Jot Script Stylus 2 and I think it was a great purchase.  I will continue to use it for all of my handwritten notes. Adonit and Evernote partnered to create a user friendly stylus that works well with a number of apps. It is compatible with Penultimate, Forge, Goodnotes, Notes Plus, Noteshelf and a variety of other apps.  It is available in the Evernote Market for $74.95.  As a bonus with your purchase, Evernote will give you 6 months of Evernote Premium for free!

Sara Genrich is a Professional Organizer, Productivity Consultant and an Evernote Certified Business Consultant.

Evernote Business Certified Consultant

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