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Love Your Office by Creating a Productive, Calm Work Space



It is here.

Whether you’re one to contemplate a recipient for each conversation heart you pick up, or it is your fantasy to snap cupid’s arrow right in half, it cannot be avoided–the month of love is upon us. And so, in that vein, jumping on the hearts and love bandwagon, I thought I’d share with you eight things that j’aime (That’s “I love” in French.  The language of love of course!)–about my personal office.  My hope for you is these ideas will help you create an office you love where you can focus and work productively.    

  1.  My personal stationery/note card holder.  Never underestimate the power of a personal hand-written note.  I like to keep my note cards within arms’ reach so they’re top of mind and easy to access. 
  2. My two inboxes.  Yes, I have two inboxes, one for personal mail, and one for business mail.  This helps me keep from being distracted by personal matters during work hours.  Each inbox holds both information and a priorities folder.  Note the priorities folders–I find these are a great way to keep what is urgent and actionable right where I need it.
  3. My family mailboxes.  That’s right, organization is a family affair in my home office.  Each member of the family has their own mailbox to store their papers, team rosters, school notices, etc.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, our “mailboxes” are stacking letter trays stored in a cabinet.  Everyone in the family knows if it is important, it goes in their mailbox, not on the kitchen counter or the coffee table. I also have a mailbox tray where we keep event tickets and information for upcoming family events. 
  4. My Bluetooth headset.  Trust me, hands-free makes conference calls so much easier, and cordless means less clutter. 
  5. My wall color.  I recently repainted my office to a calming blue color called Sky Light Blue. Make your office a place you love.  Use colors that appeal to you.  Need inspiration?  Visit Houzz or Pinterest.
  6. My clear and clutter-free desk.  It’s my business and it is my passion: kill the clutter.  I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of a clutter-free workspace.  It will keep you focused on the project at hand and further that calming environment you need for maximum productivity.
  7. My laptop.  Portability enables me to stay connected and productive when I need to collaborate with a client or when I want to get out and enjoy a beautiful day.  I love to sit outside, and sunshine is a productivity booster!
  8. Files Within Arm’s Reach.  Ok, if you’ve been following me you know I’m a fan of the paperless environment, but I do know there are times when it makes sense to store a hard copy.  When it comes to paper files, if you need it access it often, it should be easily accessible from your desk chair. 

So there you go, a few of the things that keep my personal workspace a place j’aime.  Companion to my physical office is a host of apps I’ve found to be invaluable for time management, organization, and automation.  I’ll cover these in my next blog post later this month.


Sara Genrich is an Organization and Productivity Consultant, an Evernote Certified Consultant and the creator of the Organizing@Work for Success Workshop.

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