Productivity Consulting

Optimize Your Time, Team, and Space for Success

Tired of spending precious time looking for that document? Wish you had more time and less stress? Let us customize a plan for your business or home to eliminate clutter, organize your office, and create a workflow so you can find what you need, when you need it.

We can help you:

  • Eliminate the excess and control the clutter
  • Establish effective paper and electronic filing systems (including financial recordkeeping)
  • Create simplified work flows for optimal efficiency and increased customer satisfaction
  • Increase your productivity with time management training and techniques
  • Streamline and automate your tasks to save you time, money, and effort

Optimize Your Team

We also offer these Human Resources Consulting Services to optimize your team’s skills and improve productivity:

  • Developing job descriptions
  • Writing and implementing employee handbooks and company policy
  • Increase team efficiency & effectiveness to increase performance
  • Creating and rolling out employee incentive and recognition programs
  • Crafting procedures and automatting repetitive tasks
  • Customer service and process training
  • Project Management – custom designed to help you meet your goals

How It Works

Our solutions are custom-made based on you, your business needs, and your goals. We work with you and your team to craft the most efficient and effective solution to meet your goal.  During the initial consultation, I will ask you a few questions about your work and your goals. We will set some priorities and get to work on making those goals a reality.

What Our Customers Say…

Sara took me step by step through the process of getting organized… and helped me understand the importance of having efficient and consistent organizational systems in place to keep my business running smoothly. The services she provides are worth every penny and so much more just for peace of mind knowing I set my business up right from the beginning.

Corporate Client

Sara helped me go through everything and we filled 30 wastebaskets full of things that I didn’t need anymore. Then she made 80 files and organized all of my papers into files. When she finished, my desk was the cleanest it has been in 38 years of business.

Corporate Client

Sara not only helped me deal with piles of paper but technology to help things stay organized. It is hard to believe that we were able to accomplish organizing 3 years disorganization in 30 hours. Thank you, Configuration Connection for helping me find not only the top of my desk but more time with my family and friends.

Home Business Client

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