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Recycle & Clean-up Day April 16th

Spring cleaning time is here, and this week is a great time to clear out some unwanted clutter and recycle it during the Great American Cleanup on Saturday.  The City of Allen has scheduled a big recycling event  on April 16th from 8-1pm.  This event is held every year to coincide with Earth Day (April 25th).   The recycled items benefit multiple charities like Allen Community Outreach, The High Noon Lion’s Club, the Allen Pet Shelter and several others.  The Great American Cleanup is a great time to clear the clutter out of your home or office.  You can easily swing through the drive through on Saturday morning to discard clean clothes, household items, electronics, medications, old appliances, shoes, eyeglasses, boxes and more.  City employees and volunteers will be available to help you unload items.  Secure On-Site Shredding will also be available with a truck to shred your personal documents you need to discard.  For a complete listing of accepted items, please go to: Great American Cleanup.  You have to be an Allen resident to participate in the event.  However, other cities also hold events for the Great American Cleanup.  The City of Plano has a fun event for families on the 16th that includes cleaning up the community and a beach party.  Richardson hosts the “Trash Bash” on Saturday that includes community cleanup, a book drive, clothing collection and other activities.  Check your community’s calendar for events in your area.  Simplify your office, closet or  garage, and give them away for someone else to love.  Recycle

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