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Ready to ditch theory and get down to business? Configuration Connection‘s hands-on training programs are designed to equip you with the practical skills and real-world knowledge you need to succeed. Through interactive workshops and personalized instruction, you’ll gain the confidence to tackle any challenge and unlock your full potential. Our expert presentations and training workshops can be customized to your organizations specific needs.

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Organization & Productivity Training Options

We offer some tried and true hands-on training workshops for companies and professional groups. Of course, every business, industry and company is unique, so please reach out to us if you want to discuss options for a particular situation or workflow. We can customize presentations and training workshops to suit your needs.

organizing at work for success - presentations and training workshops

Organizing @ Work for Success

This two-part class concentrates on the 2 most common productivity zappers.

Organizing Your Desk @ Work (PART 1): Establish processes for organizing and maintaining your files and paper flow for optimal efficiency.

Organizing Your Time for Success (PART 2): Learn how to avoid common time wasters, balance your schedule, and manage your time.

tools for handling email communication

E-mail Tools, Tricks & Traps

Email is great for communication, but it can also be a big time waster. I’ll show you how to control your email so it doesn’t control you!

organize apps to reduce stress and anxiety

Awesome Apps for Productivity

This 30-minute presentation focuses on our favorite productivity technology tools you can use in the palm of your hand!

manage time effectively

Time Management

Learn how to effectively manage your time to reduce stress and meet your goals.

Evernote for productivity and time savings


Evernote is our favorite productivity, organization, and time-saving application. This hands-on workshop and training session will teach you the basics and how to use Evernote Teams to increase your productivity. Training includes creating notebooks, creating notes, tagging, searching methods, emailing into Evernote, setting up and using Web Clipper, scanning documents with your phone, and using Evernote on your desktop, web, and mobile devices.

Looking for Online or On-Demand Time Management Training?  

Check out our sister company, Productivity Training Academy to build your personal and custom Guided Productivity System.  We all are different, our jobs are different and we have different learning styles and personalities.  Therefore, we all need different productivity tools to help us manage our day, calendar, tasks and distractions.  The Journey to Mastering Your Time will teach you how to create a system for your work, your technology preferences, and your personal life!

Looking for something specific? We can tailor a customized workshop or presentation to fit your company’s needs. Call 972-365-0255 for a consultation.

Productivity Training Academy

Our Presentation & Training Workshop Clients Include:

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