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How I Use the AnyList™ App to Stay Organized

AnyList Review
I was talking with a friend of mine last week about grocery lists, gift lists and shopping.  The conversation with my friend has prompted me to share with you one of the organization tools I use the most to help me stay organized. My friend and I were talking about how hard it is to remember the gifts we have purchased for loved ones throughout the year.  One year around Easter time, I found Christmas gifts hidden under a bed!   To prevent this from happening again, I started using the AnyList app to help me manage gift ideas and gift purchases.  I originally started using the app for a simple grocery list, but it has grown into one of my daily organization tools that I love.  Here are a few different ways I use it to organize my many lists.
Grocery Lists – I use the AnyList app for keeping my grocery list in one place.  In the past, I had a little piece of paper on the fridge or on the counter where I would write down items I needed.  This method was okay, but I frequently found myself at a store without my paper list.  So, I looked for an app to help me out.  I tried several different ones before sticking with AnyList.  I like it the most, because it groups items by grocery store section.  If you are a premium customer, you can even rearrange the grocery categories like produce, dairy, meat, etc. in the actual physical order of your favorite grocery store.   I really try to go to the store only one time a week, so as I run out of items, I quickly add them to my list.  The app keeps my favorite and recent items handy so I can just select “Favorite Items” or “Recent Items” and quickly select from these lists.  When I get to the store, I just open the grocery list on my phone and I can quickly check off the items as I add them to my cart. As a premium user, I can import recipes with the AnyList recipe web browser from many sites like Allrecipes.com, the Food Network, Betty Crocker, etc.  It will import the recipe, and add the selected items to your grocery list in just a few seconds.  It even holds the recipe in your recipe list for easy future access!
Target, Lowes, Costco, Staples Lists – I add items to these lists as I discover that I need something from one of these stores.  If I need toner for my printer, I will add it to the Costco list.  I can even take a picture of the toner I need and the app will allow me to add the picture in my list.  When I get to the store, I have the image to tell me the exact type of toner I need.
Gift Ideas – When I think of good gift ideas, I am usually not in a store.  I add the ideas to this list in a super simple format.  I just list my loved ones name and list the item.  If I know where the item is usually sold, I might list the store.  This is especially true if I get the idea from someone else who has already purchased the item.  When Christmas and birthdays come up, I refer to this list before I go shopping.
Gift Purchases – I use this during the holiday season when everything is so crazy.  It helps me remember what I have purchased for each loved one.  The AnyList app allows me to quickly move items from one list to another.  So, I can remove items from the “Gift Ideas” list and move them to the “Gift Purchases” list with the click of a button.
Parties – I use AnyList to hold all of the items I need to buy.  For example, I just co-hosted a Fiesta themed bridal shower.  I used AnyList to remind me to purchase piñatas and bright colored baskets.
School Supplies –  I cut and paste the school supplies list off of the internet and put it in AnyList.  As I head out to various stores and I pick up items, I mark them off the list.
Sharing Lists with my husband  – My husband and I share the same lists via the AnyList app.  He can add items to any of my lists via the app or the internet.  However, if you need to share the list with another person who is not a user, you can text or email it.
The AnyList app has eliminated my frustration of forgotten grocery store items and gifts.   You can see screen shots and view all of the features of the free and basic versions on their website at https://www.anylistapp.com.  Unfortunately, AnyList is only available in the App Store.   There is not currently an Android version.  You can read about other apps I recommend in the The Configuration Connection Newsletter Archives and see a short reference list here.

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