Sara not only helped me deal with piles of paper, but technology to help things stay organized

My need for organization is often over ridden by life and the challenges it brings. That is especially true for the last 3 years, I had a later in life baby and then a year later a traumatic brain injury. Either one of these things would have been more than enough but the two back to back were a great challenge to over come the back lash from. Things piled up and piled up more and once I was at a point where I could begin to deal with them I was more than overwhelmed. That’s when Configuration Connection was the beacon in my dark of being buried under 3 years of things to be dealt with. Sara not only helped me deal with piles of paper but technology to help things stay organized. To say Sara was a God send does not speak to how much of an impact her consistent, patient and determined manner made such a difference in my life, not just my business. It is hard to believe that we were able to accomplish organizing 3 years disorganization in 30 hours. I knew this was an undertaking I must do but was significantly overwhelmed with the enormity of it all until Sara took it all and broke it down step by step. And the bonus was the amount of desk top and drawer space I gained from this process. Thank you Configuration Connection for helping me find not only the top of my desk but more time with my family and friends.