Streamline Your Family’s Digital Life: Peace of Mind with Trustworthy by Configuration Connection

Imagine a world where…

  • You never waste time searching for lost documents.
  • Your family’s most important information is secure and organized.
  • You have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are prepared for anything.

This is the reality with Configuration Connection and Trustworthy!

Trustworthy Operating System by Configuration Connection

The Problem: Digital Chaos

The Solution: Trustworthy – Your Family’s Digital Vault

Trustworthy is a revolutionary platform that acts as your central hub for all your family’s important information. Think of it as a secure, easily accessible digital safe deposit box. Here’s what makes it so powerful:

  • Unmatched Security: Rest assured, your data is protected with bank-level encryption and the latest security measures.
  • Effortless Organization: Forget endless folders and cluttered drawers. Trustworthy’s user-friendly interface lets you upload, categorize, and find documents in a snap.
  • Granular Sharing Control: Share access with family members, advisors, or executors, but you control who sees what and for how long.
  • Beyond Documents: Store more than just files! Securely manage digital assets (passwords!), medical records, insurance information, and even cherished family recipes.
  • Mobile Convenience: Access your information anytime, anywhere with Trustworthy’s mobile app.

Why Trustworthy is a Game-Changer for Your Household

Trustworthy is more than just organization – it’s about peace of mind for your entire family:

Eliminate the Clutter 

Ditch the overflowing filing cabinets and scattered digital files.

prepare for the unexpected

Prepare for the Unexpected

Be confident your family is ready for any situation, from emergencies to life transitions.

Protect your legacy

Protect Your Legacy

Ensure your loved ones have easy access to vital information when they need it most.

Estate Planning

Simplify Estate Planning

Make the process smoother for your family with everything organized in one place.


Empower Collaboration

Easily work together with family members and advisors on important decisions.

Configuration Connection: Your Guide to Digital Peace

At Configuration Connection, we’re passionate about helping families thrive in the digital age. We will walk you through every step of setting up and using Trustworthy. We want to ensure your family’s legacy is secure and accessible for generations to come.

Sara Genrich
Certfied Expert

As a Trustworthy Certified Expert, Sara Genrich is the person you can trust to help you establish your household’s secure organizational system.

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